Because Boys, that’s why.

Because Boys, that's why.

I don’t like the term “blog”. It sounds like a combination of “bleh” and “gag”, which is what I did before tonight when I thought about writing a blog. I just thought it was silly, because we talk on the phone to the people who know our story, and watch our kids play together. Plus, who is so full of themselves that they think anyone would want to read their public diary? I guess I am now…and my friends who actually help and inspire with their writing yadda yadda…
Anyway, I am doing this because my friend said I should. She’s not just any friend, this one helps people every single day. She is pretty amazing, and if I can make her laugh, or even just smile, I am willing to write a little bit. If she goes and sees the sadness and despair, and brings light and hope to women and children in desperate need, and THEN goes and teaches college classes, AND does the mommy thing, I can type some stuff for her.

(Um, just a note, I am usually really careful about my writing, like I’ll realize I am writing a run-on sentence with too many or not enough commas, and fix it. I don’t think I’ll be doing that here, and that’s a big deal for me. I am sort of a grammar nerd, so yeah, big deal.)

So this picture is what prompted this public journal. Amazing Friend said it made her laugh, and that I should start a blegh. I am not sure who will read my nonsense, but it’s just silly nonsense anyway, so I’m good with two followers (one is my mom).

The photo: I have three boys. They are currently 8, 3, and 15 months. I also use a dinner bell, because they don’t come when I call. (Bells, whistles…I AM talking about human boys, not dogs.)

So I dedicate this blegh to my friend who demanded it, and also to those who can find the everyday humor in this life-on-earth thing we have to do. If it is not in your programming to tell your son he can eat the chocolate chips you spilled on the kitchen floor if he picks them up, perhaps this is not the blegh for you.

Or maybe it is, because floor food is important sometimes.



  1. I looooove your bleghy blog!!!! Very entertaining and fun! Keep writing…and give those lucky boys a hug for me (what a good mama you are).

    Liked by 1 person


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