Put the Peeps down and walk away slowly

Each holiday arrives fresh and clean, without the stains of materialism to warp its meaning.  With each impending arrival of (insert overblown holiday here)  I breathe, and recite my mantra: “I will not overdo it this year.  I will teach my kids the true meaning of this holiday, and give them a few small meaningful tokens to commemorate the ritual of (insert appropriate ritual here).  This is not about plastic toys or sugar.”

Today, the holiday into which I breathed this wholesome mantra was Easter. I think I was a little confused about my own intentions here, though, because as I walked through the toy aisles of TARGET (making sure everyone got even amounts of THINGS), I was determined to fill the baskets with toys instead of candy.   So, um, I think I strayed a leeetle beet from the whole purpose of a minimalist holiday…yeah…

Anywho…this year the boys will be getting TOYS from the bunny, chocolate marshmallow things, fucking jelly beans, Ninja turtle and R2D2 shaped candy holder thingys, and Peeps.

True story:  I loaded up the belt with all of this crap and handed the Peeps back to the cashier,

“I’m not getting these.”

“No peeps?!”

“Yeaaah, I need to dial it back a little.”








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