On enough-ness

I dug up an old facebook rant.  Here you go, and please bask in your enough-ness:

I am tired of seeing “make every moment count!” on all the “parenting things”. I mean, sometimes you just have to get through a moment without snapping and/or developing a nervous twitch because maybe you seriously can’t handle one more whine. Some days my kids are just lucky I drink wine.  I just really don’t have the personal capacity to be Mary Poppins in EVERY MOMENT. I guess that’s a moment that counts–when I stop giving a shit for a MOMENT. Or maybe it’s those moments I’m actually COUNTING to ten that count. I mean, I put love notes in lunch boxes and read to my kids, but really, we are not the mythical perfection that these people guilt you into thinking you should be. Moms, we make a lot of moments count, and please let’s not count how many. A lot is good enough.





One Comment

  1. OMG, yes. You just relieved the guilt of every mother out here! We are human. It’s ok when we are not automaton-always-perfect. Thank you for reminding me that Mother-Guilt is not necessary…

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