This is the shit I know. It’s not you, it’s me.

Alllrighty, I posted this picture on facebook and here is the caption:

Last night I spent 45 minutes cleaning up legos in the boys’ room and lecturing on keeping them off the floor.  Today I kneeled in my room to fold laundry.  They’re everywhere, man. #outtogetme #becauseboys

lego foot

I then received the comment that broke the blegher’s back, stating that girls play with legos and they are also messy. I have received similar comments in previous posts, and from very dear friends.  Here are the reasons I do not call this blog, or anything I’ve written so far, “because kids”:

To be clear, I do not doubt the fact that girls play with legos and make messes and noise etc. any less than boys.  I happen to have three boys. My blog, called “because boys”, is about my life with three boys, and I often use the hash tag #becauseboys.  In no way am I comparing boys to girls. In fact, I don’t even mention girls in my writing. To any friends who read my shit: my experience is with boys and so that’s what I write. “Write what you know” and all that. Girls rock and I realize that they’re messy, loud, etc etc… I love girls. I am crazy about each and every one of my friends’ girls. I am a girl. I wanted a girl. (very happy and content with boys, before anyone starts harumphing at me). I invite my girl moms to write all about raising them, and I will LOVE LOVE LOVE reading it! How awesome is it that you have girls who play with legos?! You rock too, raising girls who make messes and play with legos.  My point is that there is no need to be defensive.  I am not anti-girl.  I am simply immersed in boy. Sure, they’re all kids.

And, aren’t you lucky that yours don’t pee all over your walls?