modeling honesty and also not procrastinating

2014-05-09 14.02.24Tuna (my oldest) was scheduled to get a filling at the dentist today. I was going to have to wake up the baby and drag all three monsters to this appointment, and probably have to leave Binker (the middle boy) in the waiting room alone while I took Squishy in to comfort Tuna while he tried to talk constantly (his M.O. always) with his mouth cranked open. I have been dreading this appointment since I scheduled it. So has he. I know that he knows I was dreading it because of the gloom in my voice when I warned him that I had to bring the babies, even though I assured him that it would be ok…that and he may have overheard me talking to my sister about how much I was dreading it…

So he gave me an out:

“I feel sick to my stomach and I feel hot and I also feel like my throat is goopy.”

I said it was probably nerves and gave him the “I’m on to you” mom look.

“No really, I’ve felt sick since before snack at school.”

He swears it isn’t nerves. I told him to try to poop. He humored me.

“Hm, well if you really are sick you have to rest.” (It’s raining, he has to stay inside anyway.)

“Ok, I paused LEGO Batman downstairs, can I go down and play that? That’s resting.”

*skeptical mom look* *pause, pause*

Ahem, so he knows that I know he’s faking, and he also knows that he gave me an out. Win win!
(What?! I don’t WANT to go!!!)

So I say: “Yes, I’m trusting you this time.”

And his big NOT SICK grin as he trotted downstairs was a serious foreshadowing of my future relationship with this boy…I’d better be careful how many times I actually let this “I’m trusting you this time” wink wink actually fly.

Eh, whatever. Blah blah be careful blah blah

It’s a win win anyway, for real, because I really really didn’t want to go.

(Yes, I rescheduled. Told them he’s “sick”. Geez, moms.)